Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco is a North African country that is not far from Spain. Located on the Mediterranean and North Atlantic Oceans, it is a very popular tourist spot that is just across from the Strait of Gibraltar. There are many interesting sites to see in Morocco, including beaches in the modern town of Agadir to Quarzazate with its ancient sites that have been preserved. Tangier is the city that many tourists first encounter, especially if they have taken a ferry from Span. A ferry ride from Tarifa in Spain is only 35 minutes long, and from Algeciras, Spain, it is possible to board a ferry with your car. Many tourists fly to Spain, tour the country, and then take a ferry to Morocco. There are also ferry rides available from France to Tangier for those who have flown into this country or who are leaving from France to travel to Morocco.

Another option is to take a flight to Morocco, but most flights are indirect and may even include an overnight stay in another country. For instance, flying from New York’s LaGuardia Airport requires first flying to Washington, DC, and then to London. Finally, after an overnight stay in London, a flight leaves to Casablanca. The flight carrier is United Express/Mesa Airlines for this particular flight. Continental Airlines also features a similar flight from New York to Washington, DC, to London, and then to Casablanca. There are flights from most international cities in the U.S. to major European cities, such as Paris, London, and others that then travel to Morocco. Each day, there are one or two flights from New York’s JFK International Airport directly to Casablanca and to other cities in Morocco by Royal Air Maroc.

There are only four international airports in Morocco, including the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca. Some smaller airports do allow flights from some areas to come in, especially from France. JFK airport in New York City is the only spot in the U.S. with a direct flight to Casablanca, and from Canada, the only flight is from Montreal. Indirect flights can save Americans and Canadians a substantial amount of money since it is easy to get a cheap flight from these countries to London, and then take an inexpensive charter flight to Casablanca. There are flights from every European capital to Casablanca. South Africa and countries in the Far East do not have direct flights to Morocco, but there are some from Dubai and from Saudi Arabia. Tourists coming from Australia or the Middle East must also take indirect routes to reach Morocco.

There are many beautiful hotels for tourists to stay in while they are in Morocco. Riad Dar One is a hotel in Marrakech with very high reviews for its comfort and service. Its beautiful accommodations are exquisite and comfortable, with good service. Another beautiful place to stay is the Riad Kheirredine in Marrakech. The hotel’s amenities, along with many hotels in Morocco, are unique and make visitors feel very special. For example some hotels have a farewell tea as guests prepare to leave. Many of the riads in Morocco feature decorative pools, terraces, and unique décor that is reflective of Arabic culture. There are sumptuous foods to eat offered for breakfast, and the service is usually very good.

Hotels in Casablanca can either be of the quaint styles of days past, or there are large ultra-modern hotels. The Hyatt Regency Casablanca Hotel is much like any hotel in the U.S. It has large rooms and modern amenities. The Moroccan House Casablanca is also a modern facility, but the décor at the hotel better reflects the ambiance and style of traditional Moroccan hotels. Le Royal Mansour Meridien is a very elegant hotel in Casablanca with its palatial décor and very good service. Tourists can choose from a wide variety of places to stay in Morocco.