The Ease of Air Travel within Europe

The Ease of Air Travel within Europe

It remains a basic fact of life in Europe that the rest of the world looks at with no small amount of envy: the remarkable and relative ease of travel between one phenomenal city and another.

Whether by rapid rail, car, coach, low-cost carrier or regular airline, Europeans live the good life when it comes to spontaneous weekend trips and holidays. Take for example, the astonishing fact that the distance between Lisbon, Portugal and Kiev, Ukraine is less than the distance between Montreal and Vancouver, Canada. Much less. Or New York City and Los Angeles for that matter. Or Sydney and Perth, Australia. Or even Buenos Aires, Argentina and Lima, Peru.

What does this tell us about Europe? Well, in the case of the first three comparisons above, it tells us that Europeans can cross many nations in far less time than it takes Canadians, Americans and Australians to cross their own country. This of course, is why student backpackers and retirees alike flock to the continent en masse. Europe is fabulously heterogeneous, historical and facilitates cross-cultural pollination in just a few scant hours.

This is why London to Paris flights, at a mere distance of 340 km between the two major capitals, consistently rank as the busiest passenger routes on the planet. For a very affordable price after all, travellers can hop from the Tate Modern to the Louvre, from Buckingham Palace to Versailles and from Hyde Park to the Bois de Boulogne.

The ever-popular London-Paris route is one of many legs that visitors to Europe can take advantage of in order to squeeze as much fun out of the continent as possible. Others like Rome-Milan, Barcelona-Madrid, Berlin-Munich and London-Dublin offer a host of incredible and potentially impromptu possibilities.

But back to Paris for a moment. The pre-eminent French capital is perhaps the perfect continental base from which to explore the rest of Europe. The City of Lights contains a brilliant ensemble of museums and landmarks and a diverse array of arrondissements, or neighbourhoods, to explore. Once in Paris, consider researching a car hire to enable you to explore the area until your hearts content. You can find some cheap rates online too. The Paris of today is a progressively more affordable city, with scores of hidden gem hotels in the center of Paris as well as many terrific restaurants. As such, it’s not hard to settle in for the long haul, make the most of the city and jaunt away at a moment’s notice. A multitude of short flights from Paris (out of either Charles de Gaulle or Orly) whisk travellers away to countless destinations within hours of the city. Imagine, one minute in Paris and the next in Budapest, Zurich, Stockholm, Vienna, Copenhagen, Prague or even Marrakech or Cairo for that matter. This is why so many people end up buying property here, or getting involved in a leaseback property. There is certainly a lot of potential for people looking for investment property or property to use as their sole home in France.

The proof is in the pudding. It takes relatively little effort to fly between one desirable city and the next. While high-speed rail is a wonderful way to see Europe, in most point-to-point cases, European low cost airlines still have it beat in terms of time and price. The beauty of a principal hub like Paris too is the opportunity to visit smaller destinations within Europe. While the major capitals get most of the attention, places like Cork, Düsseldorf, Bordeaux, Split and Turin herald just as much excitement and all reside within two hours of Paris.